Chris - Lead Guitar & Vocals

With his moptop haircut and frilly shirts, Chris sees himself as the band’s ‘Dandy’ and is committed to growing old (dis)gracefully. Although he’s ‘the quiet one’, he enjoys the band’s on-stage banter and antics. The band frequently complain about his seemingly endless collection of 60s men’s fashions!

Like his idol, George Harrison, Chris’s guitar work is always in keeping with the song and never overblown. His strong, tuneful voice is well suited to pop and ballads but he also loves to rock ‘n’ roll. A natural harmoniser, he crafts many of the band’s vocal arrangements.

His music career started in the 80s with ‘alternative’ band Strange Men With Guns, who supported The Fall and whose records received excellent reviews from the NME. The early 2000s saw Chris playing with disco function band Dolores Funk. Together with Steve he formed Ready Steady 60s in 2008.

Aside from the guitar Chris plays bass, ukulele, mandolin, tenor banjo and keyboards.

Favourite artists: Searchers, Monkees, Manfred Mann, Walker Brothers

Favourite instrument: Rickenbacker 330 12-string guitar (Fireglo)

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